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The Test of Time Posts

Episode 79: The Last Dragon (1985)

The Last Dragon wasn’t a hit when it was released in 1985, but it has since become a beloved cult classic.

Special guest Jason Torres joins us to discuss why The Last Dragon’s villain may be its true hero, the movie’s shocking similarities with Kung Fu Panda, and why you should never try to catch a bullet with your teeth once, let alone twice. We also make our 2018 box office predictions before deciding if The Last Dragon stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 78: Rounders (1998)

Matt Damon plays a reformed gambler drawn back into the world of underground poker in the 1998 movie, Rounders. 

Recorded live at Nick’s Marathon, listen as we ponder the shelf life of a toothpick, why a good fake accent can still be distracting, and how this movie didn’t really try too hard when it came to giving characters nicknames. (Worm? Joey Knish?? Teddy KGB???)

We hope you don’t call our bluff as we go all in and… third poker thing… to find out if Rounders stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 77: Road House (1989)

As a no-nonsense “cooler” (basically just a glorified bouncer), Patrick Swayze is bustin’ heads and breakin’ hearts in 1989’s Road House. 

Listen as we talk about Swayze’s fatality move, when you should carry around your medical records, and what this movie’s villain has in common with Mr. Burns. Not racy enough for you? Well hang on, because we also discuss the sounds that breasts make, the invention of foreplay, and how vertical sex is more difficult in real life than it looks in the movies.

Recorded live at Nick’s Marathon, special guest Adam Pincas helps us decide if Road House stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 76: Jumanji (1995)

Robin Williams brings the jungle to life—literally—in 1995’s Jumanji.

This week, we discuss the worst way to tell someone that their parents are dead, the difference between alligators and crocodiles, and how parts of Jumanji are reminiscent of Back to the Future Part II, Big, and Pinocchio. We also come up with clever nicknames for both David Alan Grier and computer generated images, and we make a few predictions about Star Wars: The Last Jedi before finding out if Jumanji stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 75: Three Men and a Baby (1987)

What happens when you make a movie with Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg, and an adorable infant? You get the #1 movie of 1987: Three Men and a Baby.

Join us as we ask why three successful men in their 30’s would want to be roommates, how drug dealers could confuse a baby with a brick of heroin, and why anyone would ever attempt to use a puppet to impress a woman.

Come for the conversation about our favorite movie remakes, then stay for the story of our most humiliating experience as fraternity pledges. In the end, we decide if Three Men and a Baby stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 74: Good Will Hunting (1997)

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck hit the A-list and took home Oscars for their 1997 movie, Good Will Hunting. 

This week, we talk about what the MIT campus really looks like, the deep love Bostonians have for Dunkin’ Donuts, and how you can quickly spot the difference between Funny Robin Williams and Serious Robin Williams. We also give our thoughts on the Super Mario movie that’s reportedly in development before we ask if Good Will Hunting stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 73: Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)

Steve Martin plays a man on a desperate quest to get home to his family, and John Candy plays the travel companion from hell in the quintessential Thanksgiving movie, Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Join us as we discuss the movie’s missing scene that probably would have been hilarious, how the “two pillows” joke could have easily been improved, and whether this flick or The Sixth Sense does the better twist ending. Plus we give our hot take on Justice League before finding out if Planes, Trains and Automobiles stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 72: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Aliens make first contact in Steven Spielberg’s second blockbuster, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Give a listen as we discuss what this movie may have in common with Guardians of the Galaxy, the iconic scene that has been referenced by both Weird Al and The Simpsons, and what the different “kinds” of close encounters actually are. (Put it this way: Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind would have been a verrrrrrrrrry different kind of movie.)

As the film celebrates it’s 40th anniversary, we determine if Close Encounters of the Third Kind stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 71: Spaceballs (1987)

It’s Spaceballs: the podcast episode! 

In 1987, Mel Brooks set his satirical sights on Star Wars (and a lot of other movies) with a farce that features sight gags, puns, and frequent use of the word “schwartz.”

Live from Nick’s Marathon, special guest Dominic Monfre joins us to talk about jokes that are funnier in Spanish, we offer terrible tax advice that you definitely shouldn’t take, and we ponder why NASA will never send a probe to Uranus (it’s exactly what you think). Ultimately, we find out if Spaceballs stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 70: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Cowabunga! It’s the big screen debut of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael in the 1990 movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Jon Willis of The Wayward Willis podcast joins us to talk about Shredder’s poorly thought out plan for world domination, kids who love both the Ninja Turtles and Humphrey Bogart, and this movie’s character who’s sexist, homophobic, a murderer… and one of the good guys. We also definitively declare the greatest movie and video game to ever feature the heroes in a half shell as we decide if 1990’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 69: Scream (1996)

Director Wes Craven brought fresh blood to the teen slasher genre in his 1996 movie, Scream.

In our annual Halloween episode, we discuss modern meta moments, the old-fashioned name for cell phones, and how this film has twists in the opening *and* closing scenes. (Take that, M. Night Shyamalan!) You may know how to survive a horror movie, but do you know if Scream stands the Test of Time?

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Episode 68: Dragnet (1987)

Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks play mismatched detectives tracking down a cult/crime syndicate in the 1987 flick, Dragnet.

This movie has a nefarious plot that hinges on a personal check, a bad guy with a great name, and a scene of Ramsay Bolton-esque torture that’s played for laughs. But does this 1980’s movie based on a 1950’s TV show stand the Test of Time?

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Episode 67: House Party (1990)

Teens ‘n parties. Music ‘n dancing. Kid ‘n Play. They all come together in the 1990 movie, House Party.

We are once again joined by Brat Pack America author Kevin Smokler as we talk about old school Kool Aid, the only man who can crack up Ice Cube, and what House Party has in common with Bridesmaids, Dirty Work, and Frankie and Annette beach movies. Plus we share our thoughts on Ready Player One and the 80’s nostalgia craze (something we happen to know a little bit about) before we see if House Party stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 66: Blade Runner (1982)

Thirty five years after Blade Runner first hit theaters, its long-awaited sequel has finally arrived.

In our conversation about the original film, we question why robot slaves need fake memories of fake families, how the movie correctly predicted drones but mistakenly thought Pan Am would still be a thing, and why there’s no simple way to identify a replicant through, like, a blood test or something. When all is said and done, we find out if 1982’s Blade Runner stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 65: Highlander (1986)

Centuries-old immortals battle and behead each other to win the ultimate prize in 1986’s Highlander.

Join us as we discuss the MacLeod clan’s poor military strategy, the women who would have made kickass immortals (#feminism), and the worst Queen karaoke song ever. And, of course, we wonder why the Scottish actor with a Scottish accent in a movie set in Scotland plays a character who’s… Spanish/Egyptian?

There can be only one, but does Highlander stand the Test of Time?

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Episode 64: Cinderella (1950)

A young woman dreams of escaping her wicked stepmother and finding her prince in the animated Disney classic, Cinderella.

Listen to find out what the movie’s singing mice have in common with Ozzy Osbourne, what glass slippers have in common with a dress made of asbestos, and what James has in common with Prince Charming. We also talk about Star Wars Episode IX’s director drama before finding out if 1950’s Cinderella stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 63: Dirty Dancing (1987)

An innocent daddy’s girl grows into a young woman who can really shake ’em down in 1987’s Dirty Dancing.

This week, Brat Pack America author Kevin Smokler joins us to chat about platonic friends who like to grind on each other, the award that Patrick Swayze definitely should *not* have won, and what “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” really means. 

You’ll have the time of your life (sorry… we couldn’t resist) as we find out if Dirty Dancing stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 62: City Slickers (1991)

Three friends travel for two weeks to find the one thing that life is all about in 1991’s City Slickers.  

This week, we talk about the midlife crisis movie genre (its a thing!), Bruno Kirby’s awesome/awful mustache, and what you should never do when delivering a calf by hand. Plus hear how Alan factors into the best *and* worst days of James’ life as we find out if City Slickers stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 61: Men in Black (1997)

They’re the galaxy defenders who won’t let you remember. They are… the Men in Black.

As we chat about the 1997 blockbuster, we question how an organization whose agents are named with a single letter can have more than 26 members. We wonder about the poor woman who Agent K left behind. And we question the logic of a bug-loving alien who wants to destroy a planet filled with bugs. By the end of this episode, you will know if Men in Black stands the Test of Time (though we can’t promise no one will come along and erase your memories.)

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Episode 60: Top Gun (1986)

A couple of guys named Maverick and Goose feel the need… the need… for flying really, really fast in 1986’s Top Gun.

Listen in and learn how to remove an appendix, the rules of nickname creation, and what we really think about the Top Gun Nintendo game. This movie may separate the best of the best from the best of the best of the best, but does Top Gun stand the Test of Time?

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Episode 59: Wayne’s World (1992)

Maybe you won’t like our episode about Wayne’s World. Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of our butts.

This is the movie that taught a generation how to rock out to Bohemian Rhapsody. It *may* have inspired Michael Scott’s favorite joke. And it’s gotta be the only film ever to make fun of Laverne & Shirley, Nuprin, and visiting Delaware.

It’s the standard by which all other Saturday Night Live movies are measured, but does Wayne’s World stand the Test of Time?

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Episode 58: Better Off Dead (1985)

Better Off Dead takes your typical teen angst love story and adds in skiing, slapstick, and suicide. 

Special guest Joanna Brief joins us as we discuss the unspoken 80’s rule about cutting out cereal box UPC codes, the Charles De Mar method of thwarting a bully, and those special occasions when you just gotta have a montage.

The only thing we want more than our TWO DOLLARS is to find out if Better Off Dead stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 57: Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

Before they were household names, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, and Paul Rudd starred in a micro-budgeted film about the last day of summer camp: 2001’s Wet Hot American Summer.

Special guest Joanna Brief joins us to talk about our all-time favorite skit from The State, the trouble with too much honesty, and the most realistic thing in a movie that features a talking can of vegetables. In the end, we ask if Wet Hot American Summer stands the Test of Time.

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Episode 56: The Lost Boys (1987)

Wooden stakes, holy water, and garlic. These three weapons, two Coreys, and one old fart of a grandfather go head to head against the vampires of Santa Carla in 1987’s The Lost Boys.

In this episode, we debate which is cooler, zombies or vampires. We learn about the former child actor who is a proud fast food franchisee. And we ponder what the hell was the deal with that heavy metal sax player. Alison Brie, mullets, and Super Soakers also factor into the conversation as we find out if The Lost Boys stands the Test of Time.

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